Okinawa silver leaves photo

Alocasia odora variegata is very beautiful.This page is explain about Alocasia odora variegata species.

Odora variegata care


Growth temperature

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone : 9b(10)-11

Caution】 0℃ under, aerial part is wither.




Leaf scorch

Leaf scorch is arising 30℃ over sunny day. If you want to prevent Alocasia odora Leaf scorch, you need to shade(30~50% cut).




Leggy plant

If the light is weak, the plants will be leggy(long stem).


Leggy to Okinawa silver photo

The long stem is irreversible.It needs to be cut and remake.



Let’s shine enough light on the Alocasia odora to bring out new and healthy leaves. Then get rid of the old stems.


It is also one way to supplement the light with a plant growing light.


Root rot prevention

Alocasia prefers water enough to be hydroponically grown. However, the stagnant water causes root rot.

 Photo of rotten alocasia

Add zeolite, vermiculite, wood ash, Akadama soil, etc., to the potting soil to ensure air permeability.






odora-propagation photo1

1、Dig a hole.

odora-propagation photo2

2. Cut the tuber. (Rooting is essential.)

odora-propagation photo3

odora-propagation photo4

odora-propagation photo6

3. Leave the offspring(1~4).

odora-propagation photo5

4. Planting to soil.

odora-propagation photo7

Also possible with water.

Alocasia odora fertilizer

Slow-acting fertilizers are sufficient when the temperature is low. However, when the temperature exceeds 25 degrees Celsius, the growth becomes vigorous and a quick-acting chemical fertilizer is required.

AlocasiaOdorafertilizer photo2

AlocasiaOdorafertilizer photo

Give liquid fertilizer or chemical fertilizer while observing the condition of the plant.

AlocasiaOdora Pesticides

AlocasiaOdora Pesticides photo

Alocasia odora variegata is strong plant. However, use household pesticides prophylactically.

Countermeasures against spider mites

Sprinkling water on the leaves will reduce the occurrence of spider mites.


I want to grow it without relying on pesticides as much as possible.

Alocasia odora variegata species

Okinawa silver half moon photo

Alocasia odora “Okinawa silver”(albo)

Alocasia odora “Okinawa silver” is albo variegata.

Okinawa silver leaves

Okinawa silver leaves photo

Okinawa silver leaves photo2

Okinawa silver leaves photo3

Okinawa silver leaves photo4

Okinawa silver leaves photo5

Okinawa silver leaves photo6

Okinawa silver leaves photo7

Okinawa silver leaves photo8

Okinawa silver leaves photo9

Okinawa silver leaves photo10

Okinawa silver leaves photo11

Okinawa silver leaves photo12

Okinawa silver leaves photo13

Okinawa silver leaves photo14

Okinawa silver leaves photo15

Okinawa silver leaves photo16

Okinawa silver leaves photo17

Okinawa silver stem and offspring

Okinawa silver stem and  offspring photo

Okinawa silver stem and  offspring photo2

Okinawa silver stem and  offspring photo3

Okinawa silver stem and  offspring photo4

Okinawa silver root and new tuber

Okinawa silver root photo3

Okinawa silver root photo2

Okinawa silver root photo

Okinawa silver root and tuber photo

Alocasia odora “Okinawa gold”(Aurea)

okinawa-gold  photo

Alocasia odora “Okinawa gold” has yellow variegation (aurea). It’s color changes from yellow to white.

okinawa-gold  photo2

okinawa-gold  photo5

okinawa-gold  photo3

okinawa-gold  photo4

Change in leaf color.

okinawa-gold chage color photo

okinawa-gold chage color photo2

okinawa-gold chage color photo3

okinawa-gold chage color photo4

okinawa-gold chage color photo5

Variegated alocasia odora vs gageana vs macrorrhiza

Difference between alocasia odora, gageana and macrorrhiza. The difference between alocasia odora and gageana is the shape of the leaves. Variegated alocasia odora has a long leaf shape.

Okinawa silver leaves photo14

However, gageana has a round leaf shape.

The difference between alocasia odora and macrorrhiza is the connection between the leaves and the petioles.

okinawa-gold photo


Alocasia odora variegata price


Due to lack of stock, the price of Alocasia odora variegata has been rising in recent years. However, prices have begun to fall recently. It’s a plant that grows easily, so it seems that the supply has come in time.

In Japan, it was difficult to buy small seedlings for less than 10,000 yen (about 80 dollars) last year. However, it is possible to buy it for less than 10,000 yen (about 80 dollars) this year. Sales are mainly done at auction sites.

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